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Enhance your Quranic journey with the Quran Recitation Gift Box, a harmonious blend of spiritual essentials and indulgent treats, designed to elevate your recitation experience.<

What’s in The Box:

With a very stylish Gold Foiled box; This gift box has been curated with…

  • Featuring essentials like a Qur’an Mushaf in Uthmani script, a Qur’an Journal, a Tasbih, and a Quran Clip to aid recitation and reflection.
  • Create a serene ambiance with Attar for a subtle fragrance, a Bakhur stick for soothing aromatics, and a Scented Candle.
  • Sip premium Black Tea, complemented by a jar of premium honey, while enjoying it in a Ceramic Mug adorned with a Wooden Engraved lid.
  • This carefully selected collection offers a time-saving and considerate option, whether you’re looking for a present when you’re stuck for ideas or are short on time.



  • Packed in a luxury gold foiled box, tied with a satin ribbon.
  • All treats are securely packed in soft box filler to prevent damage.
  • Thoughtfully curated to provide joy, comfort, and a touch of luxury to the recipient.


Quran Recitation Gift Box

The Quran Recitation Gift Box is a harmonious blend of spiritual essentials and indulgent treats, designed to enhance the experience of Quranic recitation. It includes a Qur’an Mushaf in the Uthmani script for mindful recitation. The Quran Journal is a thoughtful addition, providing space for reflection during the recitation journey, while a Quran Clip helps keep track of progress.

To create a tranquil atmosphere, the package features Attar for a subtle fragrance, a Bakhur stick for soothing aromatics, and a scented candle to set the mood. Enjoying a warm cup of premium black tea is made more delightful with the complimentary jar of pure honey. As you sip your tea from a mug adorned with a wooden engraved lid, the tasbih serves as a reminder of your spiritual commitment.

Experience the beauty of Quranic recitation like never before with the exquisite Quran Recitation Gift Box—a harmonious blend of spiritual essentials and indulgent treats designed to enhance your journey through the sacred verses of the Quran.

At the heart of the Quran Recitation Gift Box is a Mushaf—a beautifully bound Quran in the Uthmani script, meticulously crafted to facilitate mindful and soulful recitation. With its clear and elegant script, this Mushaf serves as a beacon of guidance and inspiration on your spiritual journey.

Complementing the Mushaf is the Quran Journal—a thoughtful addition that provides space for reflection, notes, and insights gained during your recitation journey. Whether you’re memorizing verses, pondering meanings, or simply immersing yourself in the divine words, the Quran Journal is your companion for capturing and nurturing spiritual insights.

To create a tranquil and serene atmosphere conducive to recitation, the Quran Recitation Gift Box includes a selection of aromatic delights. The package features a bottle of premium Attar—a subtle and soothing fragrance that elevates your spiritual experience and brings a sense of peace and tranquility to your surroundings.

Enhancing the ambiance further is the Bakhur stick—a traditional incense known for its calming and aromatic properties. As you light the Bakhur stick, its soothing aroma fills the air, creating a serene environment perfect for focused recitation and contemplation.

Adding to the sensory experience is a scented candle—a gentle flicker of light and fragrance that helps set the mood for your recitation sessions. Whether you’re reciting alone or in the company of loved ones, the scented candle enhances the atmosphere and fosters a sense of peace and serenity.

To complement your recitation experience, the Quran Recitation Gift Box includes indulgent treats for moments of relaxation and rejuvenation. Enjoy a warm cup of premium black tea, accompanied by a jar of pure honey—a delightful combination that nourishes the body and soul.

Sipping your tea from a mug adorned with a wooden engraved lid, you’re reminded of the sacredness of the moment and the importance of spiritual nourishment. And as you run your fingers over the tasbih—a string of prayer beads—you’re encouraged to engage in dhikr and maintain a connection with the Divine.

In essence, the Quran Recitation Gift Box is more than just a collection of items—it’s a curated experience designed to enrich your Quranic recitation journey, deepen your spiritual connection, and bring moments of peace, reflection, and joy into your life.

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