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Evanna Rahman

June 6, 2024


Are Islamic Children’s Books Necessary? Why Ditch the Classics?

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيمِ
In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

As more and more parents start to switch to homeschooling or Islamic schools for their children’s moral well-being, the need for spiritually safe books arises. Let’s face it: the stories of Goldilocks, the Ugly Duckling, and Peter Rabbit haven’t done enough to save our children from corruption and moral apathy, except occupy their precious time with daydreams about anthropomorphic animals.
It’s about time we stock up the libraries of our little Muslims with books that build their sense of self-concept, perception of Allah, and basic knowledge of Islam. Here’s why the so-called “classic” storybooks aren’t doing your children any favors—

A Child’s Mind is Like a Sponge

The years between when a child is a toddler to an early teen are their core developmental years. It’s when they pick up language and vocabulary the quickest, they learn basic behavioral habits, and they notice and adapt to the patterns of society.
Whatever they occupy themselves with during this time shapes who they are as a person in the long run.
Not only that, but your child also learns things very fast during this time. Their minds are blank canvases waiting to capture anything and everything.
Using this vital time to fill their daily routines with stories with no spiritual benefit is a major disservice to your child’s future relationship with Allah.
Instead, reading simple books about Aqeedah, the Names and Attributes of Allah, the Seerah of the Prophet    , and doing Hifdh can build a strong spiritual sense of self in the mind of your child and give them a firm foundation of faith to build upon in the future.

If Not Now, Then When?

Ask yourself—how much do you really know about Islam? How many Names of Allah do you remember, and what are their meanings? Are you confident that your Aqeedah is flawless, and have you studied basic Fiqh? Have you read the entire Seerah? When was the last time you finished reading the Qur’an cover-to-cover?

Chances are, you haven’t done enough to be satisfied with your answers. And you probably wish you had given yourself more time while you were young to gain this knowledge.
Your child will most likely have the same regrets as you when they’re older—unless you act right now.
Getting your child to start their journey of seeking ‘Ilm as early as possible by introducing them to beginner-level Islamic books will greatly impact their skills in the future. It paves a way for them to seek knowledge early on so that they can learn the Deen in depth with time.

Dangers in “Classics”

Behind the talking animals, colorful background art, and cheerful-toned language, there are dark ideologies displayed in plain sight in classic children’s books.
Nowadays, modern-day destructive ideas and beliefs which go against the principles of Islam are overwhelmingly found in the majority of storybooks and are making their way into school curriculums.
In the guise of inclusivity, tolerance, diversity, and peace, filthy ideas are being pushed into the impressionable minds of children. Why? Because the leaders behind these agendas are well aware that the children are the future.
Some may argue that these “classics” are harmless entertainment. But if that were the case, they would be as optional as entertainment actually is and not under obligation in secular schools.
Besides, the effect of these books cannot be reversed just by ignoring them or pushing them to the side. Our children must be sheltered from them completely and be given a vast selection of spiritually safe books that they can both learn from and enjoy.
Here at the Sunnah Store, we’ve taken our own steps to hold a guiding light for the growing Muslim youth. Our Academic section holds books that are meant to enrich the faith of little Muslims while also keeping their imagination vibrant.



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