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The Best Times to Make Du’a

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March 10, 2024


The Best Times to Make Du’a

بِسْمِ ﷲِ ال َّ رحْمٰنِ ال َّ رحِیْمِ
In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Last Third of the Night

The Prophet    said: “Our Lord, the Blessed, the Superior, comes every night down on the nearest Heaven to us when the last third of the night remains, saying: “Is there anyone to invoke Me, so that I may respond to invocation? Is there anyone to ask Me, so that I may grant him his request? Is there anyone seeking My forgiveness, so that I may forgive him?”
[Sahih Al-Bukhari, 1145]

During the Rain

The Prophet    said: “Two supplications are not rejected, or seldom rejected: the supplication at the call to prayer and under the rain.”
[Sunan Abi Dawud 2540]

Between Adhan and Iqamah

The Prophet    said, “Supplication is not rejected between the call to prayer and its commencement.” They said, “What should we say, oh Messenger of Allah?” The Prophet    said, “Ask Allah for wellness in the world and in the Hereafter.”
[Sunan al-Tirmidhi 3594]

In Tashahhud before Tasleem

The Prophet    taught them the Tashahhud then he said at the end: “Let him ask for whatever good things he wishes.”
[Sahih Muslim, 402]

When Drinking Zamzam Water

The Prophet    said: “The water of Zamzam is for whatever it is drunk for.”
[Sunan Ibn Majah, 3062]

An Hour on Friday

“There is an hour (opportune time) on Friday and if a Muslim gets it while praying and asks something from Allah, then Allah will definitely meet his demand.” And he pointed out the shortness of that time with his hands.
[Sahih al-Bukhari, 935]
He has also said, “Friday is divided into twelve hours. Amongst them there is an hour in which a Muslim does not ask Allah for anything but He gives it to him. So seek it in the last hour after the afternoon prayer.”
[Sunan Abi Dawud, 1048]

While Traveling and Fasting

The Prophet    said: “There are three whose supplication is not rejected: The fasting person when he breaks his fast, the just leader, and the supplication of the oppressed person; Allah raises it up above the clouds and opens the gates of heaven to it. And the Lord says: ‘By My might, I shall surely aid you, even if it should be after a while.’”
[at-Tirmidhi, 3598]

During Sujood

The Prophet    said: “The nearest a servant comes to his Lord is when he is prostrating himself, so make supplication (in this state).”
[Sahih Muslim, 482]

Under Oppression or Being Subjected to Injustice

The Prophet    said: “Beware of the supplication of the oppressed, for there is no veil between it and Allah.”
[Sahih Bukhari, 4347]

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