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Evanna Rahman

March 10, 2024


Tips for Improving Your Salah

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيمِ
In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Salah is not only a beautiful act of worship which gives us a direct line of communication with Allah, but it is the core of our identity as Muslims. It goes deeper than physical movements and unveils the true state of our hearts and minds.

Ibn Qayyim RH said: “The salah of the hypocrites is the salah of the body (i.e. physical movements only), not the salah of the heart. Oh Allah, do not make us from them.”🤲

Moreover, many of the scholars have said that the quality of our salah is directly linked to our quality of life. A person can pray all their 5 salah on time and with the nawafil, but if their prayer lacks quality, they will have no impact on improving their life.

Here are some ways to improve your salah and increase its quality to please Allah:

  1. Focus and Concentrate

    Be Present: Approach salah with a present heart. During each and every step of your prayer, give your utmost concentration to the action. Focus on the words you are saying, the meaning behind them, the significance of the action, and most of all, Who you’re doing it all for.
    When we do our opening takbir, it is said to be the equivalent of taking the world in our hands and throwing it over our shoulders. Take this as a physical way of eliminating distractions and occupying your mind with your prayer only.

    Slowly Recite Your Surahs: Take your time with everything you do in your salah. When you recite your surahs, don’t rush through the words. Would you ever talk at full speed during your daily conversations with others? Then why would you rush to finish your conversation with Allah?
    Cherish Each Ruku and Sujood: Also, remember that during ruku (bowing) and sujood (prostration), our sins physically fall from our backs to the ground. We shed our sins like the leaves of an old tree. So don’t rush to the next action, savor your ruku and sujood and have your sins wiped away.

  2. Understand What You Recite

    Learn the Meaning: Dive deeper into the verses you recite. Even if you repeat the same 3-4 surahs in every prayer, look into their tafseer and translations. Let your heart understand the weight of the words; don’t just memorize and parrot them in your prayer.
    Understanding what you recite will give your prayer conviction and not only improve your focus but will open your heart to the sweetness of salah.
    Give Precedence to Al-Fatihah: Frequently revisit the meaning of this powerful surah. Why do we recite it in every salah, including the nawafil? Why do we say it in every rakah? Al-Fatihah is not just a surah, but it is a du’a which is an obligatory pillar of salah.
    Just to look into one of the many powers of this surah, Ibn Qayyim RH said: “If one’s faith, soul, and spirit are strong, and if he internalizes the meaning and essence of Surah al-Fatihah, recites it and then blows on the affected person followed by his spittle, this will counter the effects incurred by evil beings.”

  3. Pre-Salah Preparation

    Punctuality: Hasan al-Basri RH said: “As much as you fix your Salah, your life will be fixed. If you are wondering why there is a delay in your sustenance (rizq), in your marriage, in your work, in your health, look into your Salah: are you delaying it?”
    Don’t delay your salah for other tasks, because there’s a big chance that the thing you’re prioritizing over salah will be sabotaged as you angered Allah. Don’t wait for the time to be perfect so you can “focus better” or “be more energetic”, take the opportunity at hand and Allah will help you with the rest.
    Wudu (Ablution): Cherish the ritual of wudu. Don’t just splash water over your body and call it purity, do it with care and do it as perfectly as you can. When you wash yourself during wudu, you’re literally washing away sins with the water!
    Quiet and Clean Space: Make a designated space for your salah. Choose a clean, quiet, and distraction-free area in your home where you can peacefully pray. Having a specified prayer spot can rewire your mind to prioritize salah and make it a non-negotiable part of your life.

  4. Realize and Avoid Shaytan’s Tricks

    Shaytan’s Distractions: Satan knows the power of salah. He whispers during prayer to divert your focus. If you find yourself experiencing waswas (whispers) which discourage you from performing salah or perfecting it, remember this:
    One of the pious predecessors was asked, “Indeed the Jews and Christians say that they do not experience these whispers (in their acts of worship).” He then said, “They are telling the truth. Shaytan is a thief, so what will he do with an empty house?”
    When your mind wanders, seek refuge in Allah. Don’t let Shaytan sabotage your connection.

  5. Continuously Make Du’a

    Every act of worship we do is not done due to how righteous we are or how well our parents conditioned us to do them. It is only because of the invitation of Allah.
    Not a single salah is performed without invitation from Allah, because He specifically chooses the people He wants to talk to.
    So if you’re struggling with your salah, ask Him for the invitation to perfect it, because you cannot do it until He lets you.
    Remember, salah isn’t just an obligation; it’s a gift. Strengthen your bond with Allah through sincere, mindful prayers.

To enhance your Salah and maintain a focused, devout practice, consider using tools designed to help you stay organized and mindful. Our Faith & Focus Notebook and Salah Tracker are excellent resources for this purpose. The Faith & Focus Notebook provides a space to reflect on your spiritual journey, set goals, and track your progress, while the Salah Tracker helps you monitor your prayers, ensuring you don’t miss any and allowing you to see patterns and areas for improvement. These tools can significantly aid in keeping your Salah consistent and meaningful. Discover these and other resources at The Sunnah Store to support your spiritual growth.

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